Things to eat in Belgrade

Belgrade really has a lot to offer, gastronomically. Culinary scene in Belgrade is very rich and first thing tourist do when they land in Belgrade, they find something good to eat. Belgrade, like every other capital, has tourist-traps, where you would find medium-quality but high-priced meals. That is why we are trying to give you the best advice regarding Belgrade food and things to eat in Belgrade.

Things to eat in Belgrade, Serbia

Here are some typical Serbian specialties: cevapcici (small rolls of mixed minced meat), all kinds of grilled meat, sarma (stuffed cabbage, minced beef and pork with rice enveloped in pickled cabbage or vine leaves), moussaka (minced pork or beef mixed with eggs and potatoes and then baked), gibanica (pastry leaves mixed with eggs, cheese and then baked), Karadjordjeva snicla (large cyllinder shaped chunk of meat stuffed with kajmak, cheese and ham, usually comes with mayo and french fries), etc. The famous home grown spirits are sljivovica – rakija (plum brandy) and lozovaca (grappa). The choice of wines ranges between Mediterranean and continental types.

things to eat in belgrade

There are three areas where dining establishments in Belgrade are concentrated. Of course, the city has good restaurants outside of these areas. You can select an enjoyable place beside the Danube, at the very confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, or at the Belgrade Fortress, which looks over the rivers. And, of course, one of the tourist centers of Belgrade that can’t be missed is Dorćol. Dorćol is one of the oldest parts of the city, which lies alongside Skadarska Street, also called the “bohemian quarter”.

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